Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A rare day at home

Well, we spent most of the day at home. The Girl accompanied me and The Boy to his school this morning, and then we all stayed to do an art project. The other mom had only brought enough supplies (terra cotta flower pots) for the class, so The Girl had to do mosaics on squares of paper instead. She was fine with that for awhile, but there's only so many little squares that a just-3-year-old can glue on rectangles of poster board without getting, well, bored. She did really well, lasting about 2 hours.

When we got home, we puttered. Had a snack, cleaned up the house (The Girl is an amazing cleaner-upper), did laundry, reorganized a few rooms (I re-arrange my house on a near-weekly basis), and made cookie bars. The Dad took The Girl and picked up The Boy from school. They went to MicroCenter to pick up a cable (to complement the 3,452 cables we already have), and then came home.

The kids all played outside for a bit, and then we changed and walked up to McDonald's for an early dinner before tee-ball practice at Athletic Field Park. Practice was on the diamond, so the kids got covered in brown baseball dust. The Girl spent much of practice, face down in the dust, making swimming motions in it. Yuck. The Boy mostly played, until he didn't like the drills the parent-coaches ran. The Baby walked around the field, picking up all the balls and throwing them 1-2 feet.

The Dad walked over to the field and met us, and took the kids home after practice. I was going to attend Athletic Field Park's advisory council meeting, but I mistakenly thought the meeting time was half an hour before it was, so I caught up to everyone else on the walk home.

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