Sunday, August 02, 2009

Look to the Left....

I decided to follow a neighbor/classmate's suggestion that we go to the Justin Roberts concert at Retro on Roscoe this afternoon, and took The Boy and The Girl there this afternoon while The Tot and The Dad stayed home to nap. Yes, both of them.

A $5 donation got us in the door, and it would have been a fantastic deal if I hadn't succumbed to the $5-per-kid all-access wristband for The Boy and The Girl to go through the bouncy castle and "play" mini golf. I know, I know, it's a fundraiser for Roscoe Village. We got there about 1:30 and waited in line for the bouncy obstacle course a couple of times before sitting down on the astroturf in front of the stage. We waited through about 20 minutes of soundchecks before Justin Roberts and his band reappeared in their nerd-cool wear to do his thing.

I turned to the left during JR's Picture Day song and saw at least 4 of my fellow Homewood-Flossmoor grads. I shouldn't have been so surprised; the last time I went to Retro, I ran into the late Nancy McLinden in front the same stage.

The Boy and The Girl listened and danced to most of JR's hour-long set, but he lost them to the bouncy castles before he finished. We stayed until about 4:30 before calling it quits. At that point, I was hot, tired, hungry, and bored standing in line by myself while the kids played.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Kindergarten Playdate

It was a highlight of the summer: a Saturday playdate/picnic with The Boy's kindergarten class and teacher at Disney II playground. The Girl, The Boy, The Tot and I all walked/biked over, and The Dad joined us later with the car (and coffee!). Although the tail-end of the meeting was rained out and not everyone came, there was a good turnout of classmates and their families and The Boy, The Girl and The Tot all had a good time.

Afterward, The Dad dropped me off at the Women's Building so that I could help the GIPNA crew set up and prep for the 6th annual Gourmet Pancake Breakfast.