Friday, May 23, 2008

Bongo Girl

The stars aligned this morning, allowing The Girl and I to make it to Jammin' with Julie's Advanced Music class. As we were walking in, she said, "I hope Hanna is there!" And she could even specify which Hanna she meant when I explained that there were three in the class. None of them were there, although several other familiar faces were there. The Girl does really well in this class; she isn't the annoying, pushy kid in the front, and she isn't the kid who refuses to participate, but she is a good student, in my opinion. She is enthusiastic and responsive without dominating.

Other than that, we stuck close to home again today.

The Girl fell asleep in the afternoon, and since The Dad worked from home, I left her napping while I got The Boy from school. I took him and The Baby to Starbucks after school for a little boys-Mama playdate. The Boy told me about his day (chasing Caitlin, a kindergartener) around the playground, while The Baby sat up nicely in his chair at the table, impressing the people at the next table over. We played a bit outside on the sidewalk before getting into the car again.

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