Friday, May 16, 2008

Best Line Ever

I'm currently reading Ted McClelland's The Third Coast: Sailors, Strippers, Fishermen, Folksingers, Long-Haired Ojibway Painters, and God-Save-the-Queen Monarchists of the Great Lakes. As a near-native Midwesterner, I've found it an interesting read thus far. I particularly enjoyed this quip:

"If Florida is God's Waiting Room, Lake View is suburbia's."

Admittedly, I've never lived in Lakeview, although I really wanted to when I was 23-24. The Dad spent 4-5 months in the spare room of Uncle Bad's Boystown flat when he was 23-24, but I was there only on the weekend and never as a resident. And another admission: our neighborhood is suburban-like. To me, it combines great suburban attributes: green space, wide leafy streets, single family houses, clean lawns, easy street parking with great city ones: proximity to public transportation, walkable shopping, close neighbors, and easy access to culture and education.

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