Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Errands, Playgroup

Spent today running errands like mad. Dropped The Boy off at school, took The Baby and The Girl to the Treasure Store (Lucky Jeans for $5, cute BR skirt for $3), out for ice cream afterwards (The Baby had frozen yogurt), to Trader Joe's, down to Crate & Barrel Outlet to look for bowls (no dice, but we did get a syrup holder and a set of corncob holders), and back home again.

Then, after The Boy came home from school, we hosted playgroup at our house. We talked about schools, of course, and miscellaneous other parenting things. Sarah hit the jackpot with acceptances at two schools. Although Cheryl's child goes to Latin, the rest of us played the CPS game for kindergarten. Enough, enough with the schools!

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