Friday, April 04, 2008

Belding Tour

Becky (and Baby G!) and I toured Belding Elementary with the assistant principal and another out-of-boundary prospective parent yesterday morning. I wasn't too impressed with the kindergarten teacher that I saw, but if The Boy goes there next year, there's only a 50% chance that he'd get her. And if he does, then we'll cross that bridge. I asked Janine, the director of The Girl's Mother's Day Out co-op, what she thought of that teacher; she said that she thinks that she needs to retire, but that the aide in that class is great. So, we will see. For the most part, however, I liked the teachers and the school. With the exception of the kindergarten teacher we observed, the teachers were young, energetic, and engaging to the kids -- although some of these kids were, of course, distracted by us walking around and peering into classrooms through the doors.

Baby G. was a honing device for little girls in the building.

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