Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yesterday, I took The Boy, The Girl, The Baby, and The Dad out for lunch at Curio Cafe, a fairly new kid-friendly breakfast-and-lunch place that opened not too far from our house. I've been there a few times with the kids, and it is as kid-friendly as it claims to be. Any place that hangs the international sign for breastfeeding sign on the wall above two comfy chairs is one that's going to get my business. It's even better than the comfy chair in the bathroom at Cafe Selmarie!

With a kid-sized table, a huge blackboard and bins and bins of toys right in the center of the restaurant, the cafe is quite kid-friendly. They have dedicated kid menus with a small selection of kid favorite, yet healthful dishes -- all for $3.50/pop. The Girl had grilled cheese on whole-wheat bread with apple slices (carrot sticks are also an option) while The Boy had the best alphabet noodles with cheese that I have ever tasted (although he pronounced it "yucky"). The Baby had yogurt mixed with banana slices, strawberries, and granola. It was really good. The Dad had the best steak sandwich he says he's had in a long time, with scalding hot organic coffee. I had a yummy grilled veggie sandwich and drank the dregs of my organic Earl Grey tea (which The Girl took over).

My biggest complaint about the Curio Cafe is that because they are small, with a small kitchen, they don't have a lot of prep done beforehand and everything is made to order. Which makes it kind of a long wait for your meal. Yesterday, the noodles and cheese took an exceptionally long time; they kindly comped it for us, but it was destined for the pickiest, crankiest eater in our party (The Boy).

That said, I've been several times and intend to go again. The food is good and there are things for the kids to do, and the ladies who run it are very friendly and understanding of the mess kids make. It is walkable from our house, but it would be a long walk.

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