Sunday, January 06, 2008

Beyond Recycling

For the past two years, I've been hauling our household's cardboard, paper, cans, bottles, and 1 & 2 plastics to the Recycling Center at North Park Village. The kids used to hate it, but I've been letting The Boy and The Girl help me sort the items into their bins so the errand has become a bit more tolerable to them.

We took advantage of the warm weather today to empty our basement of cardboard boxes by taking them to the recycle center. The center was mobbed, and the glass/can container was chock full and off to the side, awaiting removal. But with The Boy, The Girl, and The Dad helping, it went faster. After we had sorted all of our recyclables, we left The Great White Moose where it was parked and strolled around the grounds. The Baby rode in my mei-tei. We walked through the Nature Center, but it was a half an hour to close and our shoes were muddy, so we didn't stop to play in the Discovery Room and the center's other play room. We did a partial cruise around the Woodland, Savanna, and Main Loop trails. We could hear traffic and planes, but all we could see was nature.

It was different, and kind of nice. We will have to go back for another family march in the spring when things really thaw. I'll put everyone in rubber boots with a spare change of shoes so we can all have a really good stomp in the mud.

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