Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Shopping

I woke up this morning with the intent of going to my office to get some work done. Instead, I took The Girl on a wee adventure, just the two of us. We went to the shoe store and then out to lunch. A Mama-Daughter date, if you will.

We left the car for The Dad, The Boy and The Dad and took the train instead. I had forgotten about the St. Patrick's Day parade entirely, so the 4-car train was crazy-mobbed with kelly-green clad suburbanites and northwest-siders going down to Columbus for what a fellow passenger called "Chicago's version of Mardi Gras." Fortunately, we were only crammed into the SRO car for 5 or 6 stops before we reached our destination.

We walked down North Avenue to Tippy Toes to get The Girl fitted for new shoes. The owner's daughter, Sabrina, is in The Girl's class at MDO, so we waited patiently while her mother and grandmother finished up with previous clients before helping us. The Girl ended up with a pair of Converse low-tops (love, love, love!) and a pair of pink Aster t-straps on super clearance. So cute. Then we had lunch at Sweet Thang. The Girl will eat anything without complaint -- assuming her dear older brother is not around. She and I split a leek and potato quiche, a pain au chocolat, and a chocolate eclair.

Then we called The Dad and he came to pick us up. And we all went to Border's to buy books.

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