Monday, March 24, 2008

Date Night!

This blog is about fun things to do with kids in the City. There are doubtless loads of blogs about what the hip and/or childless do for fun in this town. Perhaps I should read more of them, especially on the eve of date nights with The Dad.

Right now, our date nights are uninspiring. With three kids under six, it's an accomplishment just to get them all in bed and be awake enough to leave the house and have a conversation. Still, even during our DINK/San Francisco days, the archtypical date night for us involved going out to dinner and a trip to the bookstore. But, on Saturday, we had one.

Even before the babysitter arrived, we had no idea what we were going to do for the evening. We ended up going to Whole Foods to pick up supplies for Easter brunch, and then out to Tiffin, an Indian restaurant with good reviews in the latest Zagat Guide. It was good, if a bit spicy. We split an enormous appetizer sampler and then Chicken Tikka Masala, Peas Pulao, and the spiciest "medium" Rogan Josh I've ever had. The lamb was so hot that my tongue was on fire.

We talked about going to the bookstore afterward, but it had closed two hours early due to the proceeding holiday. Instead, we hit the 24-hour Walgreen's at Lawrence and Pulaski to scrounge up some Easter Bunny treats for the kids.

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