Thursday, March 20, 2008

"I Know"

A phrase usually uttered by my 5-year-old (The Boy) after I tell him something that he didn't previously know (and most often in response to a question he has just posed). I used to think it was just my kid, but after spending time with Antonia today, I now know that it is a tic that is, perhaps, shared by the pre-K set everywhere. I'd say that Antonia and The Boy colluded, but we rarely see her, so it must be the age.

And, indeed, it was lovely to pal around with Antonia for the afternoon. She is on spring break, but there is only so much Dora the Explorer and Word World a girl can watch, so she hung out with The Girl, The Baby, The Boy and me for a couple of hours. The Girl, The Baby and I picked Antonia up, passing the original Disney I magnet school on the way.

We were all starving, so we first stopped at BK for lunch. BK now has SpongeBob Squarepants toys in its "Kid Meals." Then we headed west to fetch The Boy from school, drive through the "washing machine for cars," and go to playgroup in our neighborhood. Antonia was very concerned about The Girl running through the parking lot at pick-up (the school blocks vehicular entrance to the alley, and thus the parking lot in question) and staying close to us, which I found pretty cute. She also would ask The Girl to let her finish telling a story, which I appreciated as The Girl has a tendency to talk over everyone else in the car.

At playgroup, talk was centered around -- what else? -- schools and real estate.

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