Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're missing you...

...at the Lincoln Park Zoo. The advert campaign is old -- from my childhood -- but it is an apt description of our zoo attendance over the past several months. That is changing as it is summer, we have no organized plans (aside from playgroup) and we have paid memberships to both zoos. I hope to go to a zoo at least once per week until school starts in September. So we went last week, and again today. We'll go to Brookfield in July, once the cicadas have gone back into the ground, or wherever they go.

We met our friends, B., S., and F. at Lincoln Park Zoo to see the animals and have a picnic lunch. S. and The Boy and F. and The Girl were really cute together -- holding hands, hugging and otherwise showing affection. We saw the lions, the seals and sea lions (a precocious and unabashed little girl corrected me and B. when we asked our children to say good-bye to the sea lions -- they were seals, she said), the children's zoo, and the bats/lizards. S. was a climbing maniac on the enclosed climber in the children's zoo; she had told The Boy that she would help him through it, but he was too scared to go much beyond the third or fourth platform and she wanted to move too quickly. The Girl was transfixed by a tank with a moving snake in it. I am not particularly fond of the zoo and would not go if I didn't have children, but I love watching my children view the animals and exhibits with awe and wonder on their little faces.

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