Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rainy Day

Yesterday was rainy and cold. The kind of day that is perfect for reading a book, taking a nap, watching a movie, having a cuppa -- a lazy, laze-around-the-house day. The kids do not normally allow for this to happen, but yesterday I hit the jackpot when all three of them took late-afternoon naps. So I got a snooze on the couch myself. Heaven!

The Girl, The Baby and I also went to her last art class at the Old Town School. It was a bit awkward because Greta, her teacher, was absent and had arranged for a substitute, so the 2-year-olds, who had all only just gotten used to Greta after 7 weeks, were all freaked out by this new, strange woman. They made dinosaur stickers and crowns. The Girl threw a small fit when The Boy put it on this morning; she ended up wearing it to a birthday party.

After art class, we went to Trader Joe's for groceries. With no list. We'll have some interesting meals this week! For the first time, I accepted the "Would you like help out to your car?" inquiry from the checker and the guy whose wife is a doula pushed my cart out to the car while I held the baby and steered the girl. He also put the groceries in The Great White Moose for me, and brought the cart back to the corral. Cool. I think I may start using this service more often.

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