Sunday, June 17, 2007

Art Class!

Before our little ER trip yesterday, I took The Girl (and The Baby) to her art class at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Her art class is a 45-minute session with an art teacher and up to five other toddlers. The class always follows the same order of events: drawing on the table, a story, a look inside the "mystery table," and completion of the day's project. Yesterday, we read a book about vegetables and fruits and the alphabet, and The Girl was instructed to draw cherries, lemons, bananas, and oranges with scented markers. She also got to create bananas and cherries from colored magic dough and stick them on her paper, and combine yellow, red and white paints to paint on the paper.

After class, The Girl requested a snack and I desperately needed caffeine, so we headed over to Starbucks. The Girl had her usual Horizon chocolate milk, I tried an orange mocha frappucino and we split a season cookie. Seasonal cookies are back! One of The Girl's classmates was sitting behind her at Starbucks and they spent a good 10 minutes talking to each other and flirting. It was very cute.

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