Friday, June 15, 2007

Being Neighborly

The Dad, who worked from his basement office today, generously offered to take over supervisory duties of The Boy and The Girl this afternoon so that The Baby and I could take a nap. So we did.

When we woke up, The Boy and The Girl were shrieking around the back yard in their bathing suits with D., our 3-year-old neighbor; her 10-month-old brother, H., and mom, and The Dad were nearby. D. did not want to go home, so we offered to walk with her, going a distance of a whopping 80 feet north to her house. Then her dad came home from work and we spent the next hour watching D. and The Boy sprint up the street in bare-footed races and chit-chatting with D.'s parents and tenant about the weather, small children and life in the neighborhood.

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