Sunday, August 20, 2006

Oak Park

This weekend was the Air & Water Show in Chicago. Now you'd think that I would take the kids down to the lake to watch the Blue Angels buzz the water, but you'd be wrong. Instead, we headed out to spend a lovely afternoon with friends, having brunch at Buzz Cafe and playing in Barrie Park in Oak Park.

I was starving when we got to Buzz, so The Boy ordered chocolate milk and a grilled cheese (which he did not eat - a rant for another day). The Girl had the Kiddie Pancakes and happily ate butter out of the packets, and I had a fantastic egg-cheese-pesto sandwich. Afterwards, we walked over the highway to Barrie Park, which my host told me used to be an EPA site, but they cleaned it up, excavated all of the soil, and built a block of athletic fields, a playground, sand pit and an enormous sledding hill. It amused The Girl, The Boy, and our 3-y/o friend for quite some time. The Boy held the 3-y/o's hand, went up the stairs to the sledding hill and ran down with him, and at 3 p.m., when it was time to go home, declared that he wanted to have another playdate soon with the 3-y/o. The Girl and I climbed up the easy stairs and went down the side-by-side slides together several times. In the middle, we walked back to Buzz to go to the bathroom and get an iced tea.

I have a sunburn. Always a sign of a good day spent outside.

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