Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Lap of Luxury

Well, as close as I have come to it as a Chicago resident. Back in August*, The Girl, The Boy and I had the opportunity to spend the morning and part of an afternoon lounging by the pool at Ridgemoor Country Club. I do not play golf, nor does really anyone else in my family, so I am not overly familiar with country clubs in general. I can't comment on the scale of the course itself, and I don't know how well-heeled in general the club is, as the only country club pool I had previously been to was at Flossmoor Country Club, circa 1989.

But compared to slumming it at the local public pool, or even compared to the pool at my gym, the Ridgemoor pool was quite a treat. The lifeguards, while still tanned teenagers, were very friendly with children of regular members. They allow members to bring in and use the club's own pool toys, floaties, and what not - very nice when you go to a pool with four kids under the age of four, none of whom know how to swim. They have snacks and ice cream poolside, and the standard cabana girls will bring you drinks or lunch. We had lunch on the restaurant's pool dining deck and although it was slow coming out, it was very good. I even contemplated, however briefly, a social membership. And then I read this.

* Yes, I know that it's now October.

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