Monday, August 14, 2006


I started this blog to talk about fun things to do with small children in and around Chicago. But for a moment, I am going to talk about something that is patently not fun to do: go shopping for a new bathing suit. This is an activity that most women avoid like the plague. Adding two small, energy-filled persons into the dressing room does nothing to further the enjoyment of said activity. And yet, that is just what I did last Tuesday when I spent 90 minutes trying on suits at the Land's End Inlet in Schaumburg. (Fortunately, for everyone involved, that time was not spent in vain because I did find something that fit/flattered and, to boot, was inexpensive.)

Afterward, we went back to IKEA. It must have been "Northsider at IKEA" day because we ran into at least two people we knew, however tangentially. First, in the restaurant, we ran into Kerry and Zach of Bloom Studios, a yoga studio in Lincoln Square (Rockwell Crossing). They had their son with them. Although I saw her walking around with her baby in a Moby Wrap, I didn't recognize her until I passed her while steering The Girl and The Boy toward the checkout with our tray cart. Amazingly enough, because I've only been to the studio once or twice (and that was over a year ago), she seemed to remember me as well.

Later, we were walking around the bedroom section when we heard a parent page from Smalland. We recognized the name, so we went over to say hello to The Boy's friend from Mother's Day Out and his little sister, who is just a few months older than The Girl.

The Boy and The Girl had great fun playing with each other within the children's section. They each had a frozen yogurt cone before we went home.

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