Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mom's Night Out

A mom needs a night out every once in awhile. Last night, I got the chance. And it was with the childless! Which was both good (real conversation!) and bad (what to talk about?!). The occasion for last night's outing was my college friend Matt's 35th birthday; I met him and our friends Melissa and Andy at Kamehachi on Wells in Old Town.

It was a warm (but not hot) evening, so I took the train. I ran into Matt just outside the station, so we walked over together. Melissa and Andy did the same thing, and they met us about 20 minutes later outside the restaurant. I don't know if we can thank the price of gas, the weather, a collective interest in public transit, or the pain-in-the-ass factor of parking in Old Town, but we all took public transit last night.

I am not generally a fan of sushi, or Japanese food in general, so I had never been to Kamehachi before. Matt loves their sushi, and it probably is very good, but I was not particularly impressed with my experience. They sat our party of four outside on the airless, covered patio. I got a salad, a stiff drink served in a pretty martini glass (that the waitress took away before it was empty), and the Chilean Sea Bass. I had asked the waitress whether it was better grilled or marinated/baked and she recommended the baked version. It's unlikely that I will be back, but I think I should have overruled her and gone with my instinct, which was for the grilled version.

After dinner, we walked around the corner to the Old Town Ale House, which I found very charming. It reminded me vaguely of both Murphy's, our old hangout at the University of Illinois, and a Paris bar. It was a very laid-back, unassuming crowd. I was surprised to find such an establishment in the current Old Town. But I would definitely go there again.

I buggered off around 11:30 or so, as I still had a 40-minute train ride ahead of me and needed to get my tired old bones to bed. I owe everyone a round. It was raining and chilly by the time I caught the L home. I had to get off at the library and walk a bit to change trains if I didn't want to take the red line the long way around the Loop, but it was all OK. There were a few drunk law students asking me where the library was; um, I don't know, follow the signs. I am not your mother. I'm off-duty.

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