Saturday, July 26, 2008

GIPNA 3rd Annual Yard Sale

Today, we participated in the GIPNA 3rd Annual Yard Sale. I sold kid clothing and shoes, books, baby stuff, bathroom decor, furniture, and a carseat. I made $150, but more importantly, I emptied out the clutter in my basement. The Boy, The Girl, and The Tot had a fantastic time running back and forth from our house to D.'s house two doors north.

In the early afternoon, I took The Girl, The Tot, and D. on a walk around the block to look at other garage sales. Our first stop was at a neighbor's "estate" sale. Our oldest neighbor, Dorothy, died in May at the age of 96 or something. She had a lot of cool stuff, and I wanted to buy some linen napkins, but her niece gave them to me outright. It was very sweet of her. Next up, we bought 3 Beanie Babies for $5, and then I picked up a few decor pieces from another neighbor (her husband joked that she was an exclusive Pottery Barn Kids Outlet dealer).

After I hauled our unsold crap back into the house/garage, I really just wanted to collapse in a heap. But I showered and dressed, and took The Boy, The Girl, and The Tot over to Caroline D.'s block party. The Boy had a fantastic time in the bounce house and the air slide (rigged up with a hose to be a water slide), while The Girl eventually warmed up to one of The Boy's St. Bart's classmates, who was also there. The Tot ate snacks and pulled ducks out of the kiddie pools. A good time was had by all.

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