Friday, June 20, 2008

Southport Corridor

Yesterday, The Dad and I celebrated 9 years of marriage by leaving the kids with a sitter (my friend Allison) in the evening and going out. Our plans were nebulous, but The Dad met my request for dessert (after nearly a week of following the South Beach Diet) by taking me to Julius Meinl (the original location, on Southport). We shared a lovely settee in the nearly empty cafe, and each got a decadent coffee drink (decaf for me) and an equally decadent dessert (I had the Vienna Torte).

The weather was perfect - mid 70s and clear, which made it a nice night to be out and about in the city. Apparently, a lot of other people had the same idea because parking was difficult; we ended up in a metered spot close to Ashland, and walked. I was focused on my rumbling tummy on the walk to Meinl, but once my belly was full of chocolate, marzipan, and coffee, I could concentrate on my surroundings on our leisurely stroll back to the car.

Wow - there is a lot of new stuff in that area! When The Boy was a baby, we went to a pediatricians' practice near Schuba's, at Belmont and Southport. But we switched practices when he was around 2, and haven't been back in that area much since The Girl was born. Maybe we should change that, as there are a ton of restaurants, candy stores, and shops (including an Anthropologie in what I remember being an auto-body shop or garage) in the area. The Boy would probably hate everything except Candyality or Bob Tail Creamery, but The Girl, who has absorbed my penchant for consumerism, would dig it. I'll have to go back sometime with the kids.

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