Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today, while The Girl enjoyed her last day of "school," I took The Boy and The Baby on the Metra downtown to have lunch with The Dad. We checked out The Dad's swank new (to him) offices in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange building. It made me giggle to see The Dad in khaki shorts and a polo shirt amidst a sea of men in gorgeous dark suits.

Unfortunately, we left The Dad's office too late to get an outside table at Rivers (which was filled with gigantic tables populated primarily by men wearing a sea of white, pink, and blue starched oxford shirts), so we went to Potbelly instead (also crowded). The Baby ate an entire dill pickle. We didn't have enough time to head east before our train, so The Dad took us to the Boeing store to browse around. I got The Boy a bunch of books on flying and airplanes in anticipation of our trip.

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