Thursday, February 21, 2008

Busy Day

The Boy and The Girl had school (and MDO) today. The Baby took a nap, and then he and I went to lunch with The Dad. We went back to Curio Cafe. It was good, as usual. The Dad initially ordered the steak sandwich again, but they were out of steak, so he had the Authentic sandwich instead, which he pronounced really good. I will have to try it next time I go. I got the grilled veggie sandwich again. And tea.

The women who run the cafe are so nice. The owner said hello to The Baby, asking him in Spanish how he was and flirting with him. For his part, The Baby was interested in her--but he was more interested in the three toddlers playing in the center section after eating lunch with their mothers.

After dropping The Dad back to work, The Baby and I headed north to the Land's End Inlet, to find jeans for The Boy Who Keeps Putting Holes in the Knees of His Pants. Then we picked up The Girl, and then The Boy, and then had a playdate with our neighbor and his mother.

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