Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kiddie Museum

Last Thursday, The Boy, The Girl and I went out to Naperville, to meet their grandparents for lunch and go to the DuPage Children's Museum. Now, despite the fact that it is in Naperville, making it quite a haul from my house and decidedly not a city attraction, the DuPage Children's Museum is, in fact, my favorite of the three Chicagoland children's museums. And not just because I don't have to pay $17 to park.

Unlike the Kohl and the CCM, the DuPage Children's Museum has a lot of hands-on, interactive exhibits for the under-5 set. They seem to embrace the philosophy that kids learn the most through open play. I love that easily half of the museum is comprised of bins of blocks, balls, Magna-Tiles, and Lego with which kids can dig in and create something. Unlike the CCM, you aren't supposed to just look at an exhibit, you're supposed to play with it. The Girl and The Boy (and Grandma N!) had a great time exploring some of the spaces (there is too much to do it all in one visit) during our afternoon there. Grandma N. volunteers there, so she got us in for free, too.

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