Friday, April 17, 2009

Six Corners

It seems odd that in this economy, customer service would continue to be on the wane. But this morning, I discovered that poor customer service is alive and kicking back at the Sears in Six Corners. I went in to purchase a vacuum, as The Boy ruined our first one in 2004 and The Dad's chosen replacement for it, a canister vac, is not such a great choice for our tiny 1400 sf Chicago house. I've purchased basically the same vacuum in different versions since our initial vacuum purchase back in 1999. Today, I went in to get the same one in an upright, bagless version, which happened to be on sale for just under $160. None in stock and they couldn't order it. When I asked if another store would have it, the gal simply said, "I doubt it." She didn't offer to check or look online. Um, thanks. I am sorry for wasting 10 minutes of your time, lady. Good grief.

And this is probably why I buy most of my appliances either directly through GE or at the expansive Abt Electronics in Glenview.

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