Sunday, January 03, 2010


Apparently, my memory is really short, because I thought it would be fun to book an overnight at Coco Key over the break. Unfortunately, Coco Key closed on December 28th, and called me on December 23rd to tell me that my booked-in-November reservation was canceled because they closed the hotel. So after some scrambling, I booked a spot at the Mayan Adventures indoor water park at the Holiday Inn in Elmhurst, where we spent New Year's Day.

We had an OK time. The Tot took a long time to warm up to the pools, but eventually discovered that he liked the hot tub and splashing in the sports pools. The Girl loved floating down the lazy river (which was mercifully free of random water sprays). The Boy liked a lot of different things. And The Dad and I both enjoyed going down the tube slide. We ran into one of The Boy's classmates and her family on Friday, which was a nice surprise.

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