Sunday, July 05, 2009

Justin Roberts at Ravinia

After a morning spent on the incredibly frustrating task of trying to install slab doors in The Girl's room, we all changed our clothes, hopped in the car and drove up the Edens to Ravinia to hear Justin Roberts (and the Not-Ready-for-Naptime Players). They weren't promoting a new/specific album, so they played a mix of old favorites during the hour-long set.

Unlike our last JR-Ravinia concert experience, we made it to the park on-time--nay, early enough to eat our picnic lunch of PB&J sandwiches and cold salads before Justin Roberts hit the stage. The Dad and I borrowed a corkscrew from a neighboring family to open our Provencial Rose and split the bottle. We bopped around on the lawn with The Boy, The Girl, The Tot and a ton of other kids; I managed to lose my glasses in the process.

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