Saturday, May 09, 2009


Tonight, I took The Boy and The Girl to the Disney II PTA's movie night at the gym at Disney II. The movie was Bolt, which was the national PTA's choice, not ours. It was a bit mature for the crowd of 3-8-year-olds. I was not a fan of the opening sequences, which were cartoon versions of heavy spy-action films. That said, the kids had a great time. There was lots of popcorn, running around (although I told The Boy and The Girl that if they wanted to do so, we'd go home), and general silliness. Some kids raptly watched the movie. I was amazed that they heard anything. The sound system, combined with the room's acoustics, were terrible. There are plenty of other complaints other parents have about their schools, so the sound system is of relatively minor concern. However, the movie night convinced me that we could really use the sound system that the Disney II PTA is hoping to buy with the proceeds from our spring auction and social.

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