Monday, November 10, 2008


The Dad hosted Football Sunday this week. I used The Great White Moose to drive to a lovely new-construction house in Lakeview to attend a children's clothing trunk show. It turned out to be a trunk show not only for the children's clothing line, but also for a home goods company that makes the prices of Pottery Barn's linens seem reasonable. To say that I was out of my league is a gross understatement. I browsed a bit, submitted my extremely modest order and hightailed it out there.

After I left, I realized that I was 1/2 block away from Julius Meinl, so I waited for 20 minutes for a table and had tea and a nice little lunch. My playgroup used to go there quite a bit, but I have not been there in 6 months to a year. It was mobbed when I first arrived, but as brunch ended at 2 p.m., the crowd thinned out as well.

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