Friday, August 15, 2008

Moving on up

Signs that my neighborhood is moving up in the world:

1. Mario Greco is building a place here.
2. Starbucks is opening a new store at Addison/Elston/Kedzie.
3. Ripley's Gift Store is opening in the 3900 block of Irving Park Road. I have no idea what it is, but anything that isn't a church/ministry, greasy spoon, or laundromat is probably a welcome addition to that stretch of Irving Park Road.
4. Walgreen's opened last year.
5. ARCC opened on Irving Park Road.
6. Tippy Toes Shoes is coming back.
7. Smoque BBQ, next to the train, does a hoppin' business.
8. Hot Woks/Cool Sushi just opened next to the train. I'm not a sushi fan, but I am pleased to see something go into that prime commuter real estate, and also pleased that it's already been reviewed by the Yelpers.
9. Dunkin' Donuts opened in two locations: one in the Mobil at the Pulaski/Irving Park Road intersection and one in the strip mall across from the YMCA.

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