Monday, July 30, 2007

The In-Between Times

It is not all fun outings for our Little Shoulders. Although I do like to take the kids out a fair bit, none in our party can really take out-of-the-house adventures from 9-5 every day. So what do we do in the in-between times? Paint, read books, watch TV, run around the backyard, play in the sand table, splash in the kiddie pools, do laundry (they help me move it into/from washer and dryer), draw with markers, make cookies, clean, take baths, knead play dough, go the park, run up and down the block with our neighbor, eat snacks, take naps (in The Girl's and The Baby's case), pull weeds, draw with chalk on the sidewalk, build Lego or Magna-Tiles, race cars or trains, put on dress-up clothes and vamp, dance to music.

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