Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

While I do not recommend going to a popular museum on free day right before the start of the holiday season, I definitely recommend what I did today.

Which was to take a walk, with The Girl, around the neighborhood surrounding The Boy's co-op location, on a fine fall morning. She picked up sticks, examined her shadow, checked out fallen leaves, and engaged in other curious-kitty walk behavior. We walked about 4 blocks over to Starbuck's. She got a Horizon Organic Vanilla milk. I had a tall Chai latte. We split one of Starbuck's new breakfast sandwiches. And we had some good one-on-one interaction, with lots of belly laughs on her end. The Girl is the Happiest Toddler Ever.

She walked most of the 4 blocks back to the car by herself as well.

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