Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yesterday, we took a trip to IKEA in Schaumburg. I know that the mecca of semi-disposable furniture IKEA is not a "destination" for kids, but it is in this household. (In fact, it was The Boy's first outing.) It's got Smalland, a restaurant, and lots of little play stations around the store for children. And The Girl loves to climb up and down on the sofas, chairs and beds although, yesterday, because we were with friends, she did not.

Yesterday's trip was somewhat difficult with two independently minded 3.5-year-old boys and a 15-month-old who wandered off unconcernedly. Plus the store just remodeled, changing the layout (that I had memorized) and that, combined with all the new 2007 catalog items, made for an overwhelming trip. We will have to go back again soon to check everything out. The new kids' section is really cool. And The Girl needs a bookshelf for her room.

The parenting highlight of the trip came when a man, who had been sitting at a table behind all 4 kids and my friend and me, walked by and told my friend that she had very nice/well-behaved children and that I did, too.

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